Restorative power that supports
your oxidization free everyday

Anti-oxidization Power

Atomic hydrogen

Marine hydro-mineral compound

Combines the active atomic hydrogen ingredient “marine hydro-mineral”
with 3 kinds of long esteemed in Japanese-Chinese medicine.

Features of Hydrogen Inner Serum

A luxurious combination of ingredients carefully selected by
specialists based on experience and evidence
(results of effectiveness trials).
Uses nutritionally balanced natural salt as a base
to prevent uneven absorption of beauty

Recommended for those who feel these symptoms

  1. 1. Shallow sleep, difficulty falling asleep
  2. 2. Easily tired, unable to recharge
  3. 3. Recently feeling aged
  4. 4. Disordered diet
  5. 5. More easily gaining weight recently
  6. 6. Life-style related diseases are a concern
  7. 7. High exposure to UV radiation
  8. 8. Always want to preserve vigorous health

By restoring the fundamental power of your body, provide you with a vigorous everyday.

The formula ingredient “marine hydro-mineral” is a cutting edge hydrogen-energy technology.
Using “hydrogen occlusion technology” highly active “atomic hydrogen” is stored in natural
salt in a semi-permanent state, creating a ultra anti-oxidative water-soluble mineral.

Atomic hydrogen, which possesses high anti-oxidization power

Natural salt, which possesses high absorbability

Occlusion technology, which provides high stability

Marine Hydro-Mineral The atomic hydrogen occluded in natural salt.
Possesses high anti-oxidization power, protecting against the oxidization caused by
reactive oxygen (free radicals).
Caterpillar fungus In Chinese medicine, a highly-esteemed secret medicine of mythic proportions of which
the use is said to only be allowed by the Emperor.
Rich with nutrients such as β glucan and mannitol.
Lingzhi mushroom A mushroom of the bracket fungus family which grows on the trunks and stumps of trees
of highly humid mountains.
Brims with beneficial ingredients such as oligosaccharide and amino acids.
Maitake mushroom A long-known mushroom rich with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
Its dietary fiber is composed of polysaccharide β glucan and grifola frondosa D fraction.
  • ■ Contents: 60 capsules
  • ■Instructions for use: Target taking 2 capsules each day with cold or luke-warm water.
    Please refrain from taking with hot water.