You can style your hair in freedom from the inside.

Do not give up on the hair you wish to have.
We know what is necessary to realize your dream.
The key to achieving your ideal hairstyle is providing fundamental care to your hair.
Kimeha is a revolutionary salon sale only hair cosmetic created by professional
hair stylists that reinforces your hair from the inside while providing lustrous styling.

Created by professional hair stylists, thinking of nothing but what is best for your hair,
the salon sale only hair cosmetic, Kimeha.

Feathery & wooly double-keratin, hydrolyzed silk, collagen, ceramide...
Active ingredients create the golden balance within your hair, to lead you to hair that is easy to style.

As they are functional proteins, they are absorbed deep into your hair.
Together they realize a powerful repair effect for your hair.

Kimeha, the hair cosmetic series for beautiful hair, includes the new ingredient “Feather keratin,
which supplements the protein essential to the health of your hair, in all products in the series.
Every time you style, deliver moisture to your hair and create radiance from the inside.
Experience the feeling of salon styled hair every day.
Begin a new routine that allows you to achieve your ideal hair.

Binds to the surface of your hair and repairs damage.
Protect the cuticle layer.

The synergistic effect of feather keratin and hydrolyzed silk protect the cuticle
layer from damage. By repairing surface damage, you are brought closer to healthy hair.

Kimeha Line Up

Wash your hair with amino acids, and gently wrap it in silk.

Treat damaged hair by thoroughly removing dirt, and preventing dandruff and itchiness. Additionally, lead the way to the beautiful state of moist, lustrous hair that silkily runs through your fingers.

Weak-acid ・Non-silicone ・No mineral oils ・No dyes ・No fragrances

  • 300 mL 3,000 JPY (before tax)
  • 1,000 mL 7,800 JPY (before tax)

Provide a touch of silk, protect your hair‘s moisture, and create radiance.

Provides a tangle free, silky finish to damaged hair. Additionally, through the action of essential proteins, create moist, lustrous hair that silkily runs through your fingers.

Weak-acid ・No mineral oils ・No dyes ・No fragrances

  • 300 mL 3,500 JPY (before tax)
  • 1,000 mL 8,800 JPY (before tax)

Hair serum that moisturizes from the inside and repairs to create beautiful hair.

Deliver essential nutrients deep into you hair and repair damage. Because it is oil free, there is no irritating stickiness, and your hair is moist and silky. Can also be used as night care.

Weak-acid ・Non-silicone ・No mineral oils ・No dyes ・No fragrances

  • 100 mL 2,800 JPY (before tax)

Silkyluster, moist gloss.Hair lotion that provides treatment.

Treatment-style hair lotion that creates both silkiness and luster. Despite being oil free, provides a rich feeling of gloss. Additionally prevents static electricity and split ends.

  • 200 mL 2,800 JPY (before tax)

Curled, waved and straight hair is kept just how you wish. Even so, it still runs silkily through your fingers.

TWhile protecting your hair, it perfectly maintains the style you create with a curling iron or hot curler. Maintain your curls that dance delicately in the wind until you wash with this styling lotion with a powerful treatment effect. Can be easily washed out with shampoo.

  • 200 mL 2,800 JPY (before tax)


While treating your hair, create 3 expressions of beauty.Use it to match your style, absolute freedom.

Moist, feathery and firm touch of the hair bundle. Use it in 3 different ways according to your design. A hair emulsion with a powerful treatment effect.

  • 100 mL 3,000 JPY (before tax)